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On your first 3 days in Rome, follow our above Rome itinerary. history of the Popes and Rome political power. We think this offers the best combination of value for money, attraction entry and skip the line access. See our Code of Ethics for more information. : One of the best-selling hotels in Rome, Hotel Impero is located within walking distance of the train station, has excellent prices, and comfortable rooms. is an incredible new culinary endeavor. It’s also home to fantastic food, the Vatican City and sights like the Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum and the Spanish Steps. What am I missing or not understanding? Decked out in the style of a 1920’s jazz bar, Club Derrière really has earned its spot on so many lists of Rome’s best bars. The Forum is open every day, you can see full opening hours here. We’ve taken a number of tours in Rome, and can definitely recommend these if you’re looking for a guided experience. We love Rome, obviously. Thank you so much :)” – Chris. If there are no timeslots available, your best option for visiting the Colosseum is to take a guided tour like this, or like this, as guided tours have a separate ticket allocation system. The tomb has since been looted, and little is known about its original occupant, but the marble covered 36 meter high pyramid is the only one of its kind in Europe, and we think is definitely worth your time to visit. In brief, the card we recommend for our three day Rome itinerary is the Omnia Rome and Vatican Card. “I just love Rome. Here is our three day Rome itinerary in an easy-to-follow breakdown: Day 1: Roman Highlights. We only recommend products and services that we use ourselves, and will always link to relevant information, regardless of whether or not there is an affiliate program. We also have a detailed guide to visiting the Colosseum you might want to check out. The bed was lovely and comfy and on our one cold day, the heating made it super cozy. When you buy your card, you will be given the opportunity to book your time for the Vatican. What makes the Pantheon so unique is its domed roof with a perfect 8m diameter circle cut in it. Required fields are marked *. Getting from each location to the next should be either a short walk, or a single bus or metro ride away. Another option is to book your tickets online directly from the Vatican, which will give you skip the line access to the Vatican Museums. If you have just arrived in Europe, you might be feeling some jet lag, which can definitely slow you down, so try to take it easy on your first day. This way you can skip the queues and get a professional guide of these three incredible monuments. If you can’t find what you want from the above choices, or you want some new options to try out, we wrote a whole post on the best alternatives to AirBnB which you should check out! The itinerary we’re laid out is designed to be logical and easy to follow, so you won’t waste time getting from place to place. Vatican travel tip: If your week in Rome falls during the last week of the month, you’re in luck! : If you’re traveling with a family/ kids, and have a lot of luggage, this Viator deal is going to be your best bet! The other thing to be aware of is that for some attractions you need to book your entry in advance. (St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museum & Trastevere) For years, travel guides have been directing tourists to visit the Vatican in the morning in order to beat the crowds. This is because the quality can change quickly! We’re going to continue our first day by taking in a few of Rome’s highlights that you can take as long or as little time to visit as you wish. With a Mediterranean climate, Rome is a city that can be visited throughout the year. This tradition is meant to ensure the coin thrower returns to Rome. This building, which has been standing for almost 2,000 years, is the best preserved Ancient Roman monument in Rome, and I dare you not to be impressed by it’s incredible dome, which even today, two thousand years since it was built, still holds the record as the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. Quick 3 Days in Rome itinerary Day 1 – Walk around Rome, The Colosseum, Roman Forum You can visit the road yourself, or you can take a tour which includes parts of the Appian Way like this one from Take Walks. 3 Days in Rome: Itinerary for a Perfect Trip. It’s not at the top of visitors lists to Rome, but is definitely one of our favourite spots to visit in the city, so we urge you to include it in your itinerary, especially as you’re already in the area. You’ll find it outside the entrance to the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church, which is also worth visiting. The journey will take about an hour but can take much longer if there’s traffic (which is unfortunately common in Rome). With many stations with names like Colosseo, Musei Vaticani, and Fontana di Trevi, it’s pretty easy to figure out and navigate around. is worth a watch just for the beautiful setting, showcasing many of Rome’s iconic landmarks. best gelato I’ve ever tried in the entire world. With that in mind, here’s a quick checklist to help make sure you get the most out of your stay. Internet: Internet access is widely available in the form of WiFi all around the city and in hotels and coffee shops, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting online. Both options cost €2 if you hold a Rome and Vatican Pass or Roma Pass. Like most major cities, Rome has a fantastic. While this itinerary is chalked full of museums, churches, and historical landmarks – you simply can’t visit Rome without experiencing its vibrant nightlife. Having read all the above, I hope everything is clear. Paris never quite captured my heart, even after 5 visits. Mercato Centrale is a fantastic destination for your Italian food bucket list! Pass through the Vatican walls and you are in the presence of greatness. All in all, from the Porta San Sebastiano to the tomb of Cecilia Metella, you’re looking at about a thirty minute walk, with plenty of attractions on the way. Whilst you’re at the cemetery, which is a beautifully peaceful spot, do take the time to visit the grave of the English poet Keats, one whose “name is writ in water”, who died in Rome at the young age of 25, far before his recognition as one of the greatest English poets of all time. The creepy Capuchin Crypt is a few minutes’ walk from The Spanish Steps. Itinerary: 3 Days in Rome Your Trip to Rome: The Complete Guide close Overview Europe Italy Rome 3 Days in Rome: What to See and Do. Clothes, shoes, homewares, antiques, books and jewelry are on offer across hundreds of stalls. With the Omnia Pass yes, you do have to pick it up. Note that St. John in the Lateran is closed on Sundays. Twitter; Martha Bakerjian is an Italian travel expert who uses her home in northern Tuscany as a … During my very first visit to Rome, my cousin (who had been living in Italy for years) took me to this small restaurant and gelateria called Ciampini Roma! Again, our recommendation is to have a ticket that lets you skip the line, which at busy times can stretch right around the piazza. Also, the roof deck was great too! If there is one place that truly exemplifies ancient Roman architecture, it’s the Pantheon. These steps (which date back to 1752) are already crowded by a steady stream of people day and night; Rome’s city laws forbid taking a break on the steps. Our favourites include the Map Room, the Sistine Chapel, and the fabulous double helix exit stairwell, but we’re sure you’ll discover treasures of your own. This noisy and vibrant city is constantly humming, yet laid back – like its inhabitants. Let’s get stuck in! St Peter’s Square is a sprawling plaza located in front of its famous Basilica. I’d love to know! As of March 1st 2019, even with these passes, you still need to reserve your entry time to the Colosseum. The Vatican City is the first thing on our list for your visit to Rome. Alternatively, you can either buy a travelcard yourself, or just buy tickets as you go. Watch the video below to see if this would be something you’d be interested in doing yourself! Your email address will not be published. Today is your first day in Rome, so you want to get accustomed to the layout of the city. We ate at Caffe Domiziano, which has two seating areas. Both versions include skip the line entry to St. Peter’s Basilica, a 1 day hop on hop hop off bus ticket, and a 1 way airport transfer. Water: The water in the taps is safe to drink, although many locals prefer the taste of bottled water. To tour the most popular sites you’ll need 3 or 4 days. Usually your hotel or apartment will have left luggage facilities, however, if this isn’t the case (often the case with apartment rentals for example), you will definitely want somewhere to leave your luggage for the day while you sightsee. Known as The Eternal City and one of Europe’s oldest municipalities, Rome is … Yes that would work. Thanks for stopping by and also ordering through our links, it all makes a difference. I am trying to book Colosseum ticket through one of the sites you recommended but am a bit confused with the tours and costings. Your email address will not be published. From here, three roads span southwards in a trident formation, with the central road, the Via del Corso, running dead straight through the centre of Rome to the Piazza Venezia. Put on your most comfortable shoes because these Vatican attractions will see you covering a lot of distance! Our trip will still be in June, but I already booked the earliest time (9am) for the Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel. The Vatican Museums offer free entry to the public until 2 pm on the last Sunday of each month. , the statue of St Peter, and even the church itself. You might be wondering how much you will save with the Pass. Plus the amazing location (right by the Trevi Fountain), we couldn’t of had a better stay. A nice surprise. This will save you around €35. If you prefer an apartment, then we recommend either Plum Guide or AirBnB. Fifty-thousand Romans… watching every movement of your sword… willing you to make that killer blow…” – Proximo, Gladiator. And others jump in to help? Stallholders sell flowers and fresh produce, continuing the square’s historical use that dates back to the 15th century. A sickly sweet rom-com that is very far fetched. We knew it would be fun, and we would see a lot but we had no idea just how much we would see. Day 3 in Rome. We also took the “VIP Caesar’s Palace tour with the Colosseum & Roman Forum” tour, which covered the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, as well as the 1st century BC home of Emperor Augustus, previously off limits to the public. The Omnia Vatican and Rome Card gets you past this queue and straight in to the security line, and the same applies at St. Peters Basilica and the Colosseum. A major church brimming with daily visitors, t. has stood tall and proud in the heart of Rome since 125AD, surviving wars, raids, and the destruction of many other Roman relics. November is definitely a quieter time of year, so you shouldn’t have too many crowds to worry about. The Roman Forum also has an entry fee, but trust me, it’s worth every penny. That’s not all – you also get to sip on a bold Italian cappuccino while you explore the Roman cityscape. This building has a panoramic terrace that offers a marvelous view of Rome’s skyline. A one way ticket, known as a “B.I.T” costs €1.50 and is valid for 100 minutes from when you activate it. Perfect communication from the friendly host who was very responsive to our questions during our stay.” – Victoria. Took into account our booking times; that we are in the Vatican almost the whole day. After living in New York, I didn’t quite “get” the charm of London. Really the busiest times are the summer months. At time of writing, booking one of these tours from home also saves you money on a future real trip! Nightlife Spots To Visit In Rome In 3 Days, While the younger crowd prefers spots like “The Drunken Ship” or “Sloppy Sams”, there are several other more relaxed places to grab a drink as well. Yesterday you experienced incredible relics of Ancient Rome for yourself. This is why we suggest you check timeslots before you buy the pass if Colosseum entry is important for you. Perfect location, tasty food, and excellent prices! So I think once you are done with the Vatican you can just head to St. Peters and not worry about being exactly on time. The reason I mention this is because the Borghese Gallery has timed entry and reservation is mandatory. It is a 72-hour ticket that gives you fast-track access into over 30 attractions in Rome, including the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Vatican Museums. I’ve written guides, itineraries, and lots more fun inspirational content that can give you loads of ideas on the best things to do! Spending 3 days in Rome may seem a lot, but the truth is that even if you rush, you won’t be able to see all Rome’s main attractions. For food, to be honest we don’t usually recommend a lot of restaurants. I absolutely love your blog / website. We will be in Rome from November 6-9 and have decided to do Walks of Italy for the Vatican and Collosseum/Forum. With many stations with names like Colosseo, Musei Vaticani, and Fontana di Trevi, it’s pretty easy to figure out and navigate around. Which you choose depends on your sight-seeing goals, so we’re going to go through these in a bit of detail now to help you choose. If you decide to do this, then you may find that a Roma Pass is going to be better value than the Omnia Rome and Vatican Card. you can change transport types as you go, with the exception being you cannot re-enter the metro system if you leave it. Legend says that if you are an untruthful person, the lion will bite your hand clean off. And that sums up our idea of how to spend the perfect three days exploring Rome! and I’d highly recommend adding this place to your Rome itinerary! : If you’re a backpacker on a tight budget and looking for a decent hostel, then this is exactly where you should stay! Their bones were used to create elaborate displays within the crypt, which you can still see today. Before we start off with our 3 days in Rome itinerary, it is recommend for you to purchase the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card (€ 130.00) to save money on your travels. Price: € 2.00 per person for full-day access. To go round Rome in a Vespa and sidecar was fantastic and the tour guide Luca was so knowledgeable he spoke very good English he had humour and passion and clearly loves his job. And now we have finally released our 3 day Rome itinerary. Such a helpful post which I used for my recent trip! If you’ve seen the movie Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn, you’ll remember that Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn pop their hands into the mouth of this massive stone figure, which is said to bite off the hands of liars. Piazza del Popolo. If you have slightly longer or even less time, you can still use this as a guide! Trust me – just pay the extra fee and get it. The guides were funny and informative and stopped for several photo opps! For this three day itinerary, we’d suggest you stay somewhere central, to make accessing all the attractions as easy as possible. A note on this itinerary – I have based this on 3 full days in Rome. However, it gets very busy and very hot in the summer months, especially in August, so we’d advise avoiding August if you can. You are correct, the dates are released in phases rather than for the whole year. I am about to purchase my Omnia Vatican and Roma Card so I can book my Colosseum time slot. And that’s why we think it’s worth investing in. With five days in Rome, follow the above 4 Days in Rome Itinerary and on Day 5, leave the city on a Rome day trip. So this is a great question. On the first day, do the "Caesar Shuffle" from the Colosseum ( book ahead) to the Forum, then over Capitoline Hill (visiting the Capitoline Museums), and on to the Pantheon. Now that we’ve covered what to see in Rome in three days, let’s talk about what to drink! It will give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn so much about this amazing destination from the most informed guides in the business. You can click here to see this map on Google. Basically, Roman life for centuries revolved around this area of Rome, and no visit to the city is complete without walking these ancient ruins. The Roman Forum is a walk through ancient history. That’s not all – you also get to sip on a bold Italian cappuccino while you explore the Roman cityscape. You’ll still have to go through security, but it will be a matter of minutes rather than hours. You’ll even find fantastic gelaterias, cafes, and pizzerias galore. walk) from the Fontana di Trevi. My question is can I start using each card independently from each other? It was where friends and foes met and people bought and sold wares. to give you some ideas and recommendations on more of their products! Rome is such a marvelous city, and I miss living there so much! We’ve also used AirBnB all around the world, and they consistently have the most options to choose from. The area was originally marshlands that were cleared with a brilliant system. You can book train travel in Italy (and Europe in general), on our recommend train ticketing site: After breakfast and cappuccino in any of the local cafes we start our day with: Our suggestion would be to stay somewhere in the area between the Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo. Rome has a decent underground Metro network that stops at the majority of tourist destinations. You can also book a guided tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Are you game? ” – This is always the best and easiest way to get into the city center (especially if you book accommodation near Termini.) It’s also guaranteed not to be too crowded, as they only allow 360 people in at a time. Vatican City is simply a must-see in Rome. This is the world’s largest Baroque fountain, and is always a popular location – whatever time of day (or night!) Having lived in Italy for over two years, and taken several different trips around the country, my travel blog is filled with information! Thank you for such an informative guide – making the museum and event reservations in advance were key to using our time wisely and having a perfect experience. I had a conversation with my wife as I wasn’t sure if 1300 was a little early. If there are no time slots available, you won’t be able to visit, whatever pass you have. This flea market is held every Sunday, so if your three days in Rome fall over a weekend, head down to Porta Portese Market. Colosseum. If you are a full-time student or concession holder, be sure to flash your card as this can result in a significant discount off your entry fee. You can see more information here. See the section later on in the post on how to do this. The Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s rooms, the Gallery of maps are only part of the halls that will leave you speechless. That fountain is the incredible Fountain of the Four Rivers (. ) Being a subscriber also makes you eligible to enter our monthly travel and photography giveaways! If you can’t get a timeslot, your best option is to visit the Colosseum on a guided tour like this which includes the Roman Forum or this more value oriented tour. This website contains affiliate links to products and services that generate a small income to us if you choose to use them, at no cost to you. Dive into the past and walk in the footsteps of Roman emperors and gladiators, which your passionate guide will bring back to life. Get your photo and move along – there’ll be time to rest and eat gelato later! 3 Days in Rome: The Perfect Rome Itinerary. We'll get a relatively early start. These work well in Rome as there are SO many major tourist landmarks, monuments, and places of interest. boat-Hopping day tour of The Amalfi Coast from Rome, tips for visiting a European city in summer,, Free entry with Skip the Line access to the Vatican attractions, including the Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Basilica of St. John in the Lateran and the Cloister, Free entry to two out of six listed attractions, which includes the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Castel Sant’Angelo. You can make the reservation either by calling the reservation line, or (more easily) by booking online. This crypt is said to be the resting place of over 4000 Capuchin monks. This city is an enormous museum of remnants of the past, all so close you can reach out and touch a part of history. You can buy yours from the official site, here. Hugely recommend this apartment and would love to return! Once through, you’ll be able to enjoy visiting the world’s largest church, and what is regarded as one of the holiest Catholic shrines. The cards also give you a percentage off many store purchases. 3 Days in Rome Itinerary. Finally, if you want to learn a bit about the Sistine Chapel before you visit Rome, you can take a “tour from home” with Take Walks. The apartment was super chic and comfy with everything we could possibly need for our stay (even a bottle prosecco in the fridge on arrival!). I am trying to follow your itineraries although I have to make some adjustments as we cannot spend three successive days in Rome; there is a day where we will be doing a day trip from Rome and it has to be in between, but we still have 3 days to explore Rome. The first day of this itinerary focuses on three main highlights of Rome: the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and the Colosseum. Once you’ve used those two entries up, you will get a discounted admission when you use your card. Time for a bit of fun! So definitely check out the options to figure out what is best for you! I’m obsessed with all the different bridges, beautiful buildings, and relaxing Roman vibes. Discounted entry at attractions once you have used up your two free visits – this will be the concession rate, Discounted entry at over thirty other sights in Rome, including the Baths of Caracalla and Appia Way attractions, A 72 hour travelcard for Rome which covers all the major public transport, including buses, trams and metro, A detailed guidebook to Rome and map of the city, Decide which attractions you really want to visit based on the above itinerary, and any other research you have done, Check timeslot availability for the Colosseum on the, Make any walking tour reservations with either, Enjoy your trip to Rome knowing you’re not going to waste time in line for anything but, If you’re in Rome for a shorter amount of time, check out our guide to, We’ve taken a number of tours in Rome. Rome’s most famous castle is in fact a mausoleum commissioned by Emperor Hadrian in 123AD as a tomb for himself and his family. 3 Days in Rome. that allows you to hit all the sights at your own pace and for an affordable price. I mean – it’s called the Eternal City for a reason – so let’s get exploring! Also be aware that skip the line access isn’t available on Wednesdays due to the Papal Audience. which I ordered using your site’s link. Note that the Colosseum now operates a timed entry system as well, which as of 1st March 2019, includes pass holders. Many things in Rome can be visited on any day. Then, pick a date and time slot at the bottom of the screen. Its location is hidden in the back of a restaurant and can only be found on a dark and tiny backstreet near The Pantheon. Perfect communication from the friendly host who was very responsive to our questions during our stay.” – Victoria, : “We had an absolutely amazing time! Consecrated in 1626, this Catholic shrine is one of Rome’s most busy tourist attractions, welcoming visitors of all denominations to experience its majesty. You can also drink the water that comes out of the taps in the fountains, so just carry a drinking water bottle with you and hydrate as you go. I already got my omnia card & roma pass 72 hrs. Legend says that if you are an untruthful person, the lion will bite your hand clean off. Day 2 in Rome – Vatican City, Pantheon, Church Sant’Agnese in Agone, St. Peter’s Basilica. Doors to the Vatican Museum open at 9am, so we recommend you arrange your entry for as close to then as you can manage. Once you pick a time, you should be able to choose a ticket type, and one of them will be “ENTRANCE RESERVATION WITH ROMA PASS”. This post covers the top things to do in Rome in three days, plus essential Rome travel tips! I am really appreciating all the information you are providing in your blog. On that page, there is a section titled “Roma Pass”, with a link at the end of the section which lets you book the entrance time. If you don’t buy a ticket in advance for the Colosseum, then we suggest you visit the Roman Forum first, as the queues for tickets are much shorter. The price is €2. But trust me, it’s SO worth it. To go round Rome in a Vespa and sidecar was fantastic and the tour guide Luca was so knowledgeable he spoke very good English he had humour and passion and clearly loves his job. Rome’s most famous castle is in fact a mausoleum commissioned by Emperor Hadrian in 123AD as a tomb for himself and his family. Lovely restaurants nearby including one that the host personally recommended and ended up being one of our faves – La Carbonara. With such an abundance of options at your disposal, you may struggle to narrow down your Rome itinerary to three days. Lovely restaurants nearby including one that the host personally recommended and ended up being one of our faves – La Carbonara. Rome Itinerary Day 3: Rome’s Fountains, Castles & Churches, Victor Emmanuel II Monument (Wedding Cake), where Tom Hanks tries to save the priest who is weighed down and pushed into the fountain? Martha Bakerjian. One of the most beautiful and complex historical sites in all of Italy, the Roman Forum is located in a valley between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum. Please scroll to the end to leave a comment. At busy times of year, all the time slots do fill up. Looking at the pamphlet that came with it, it shows that the Omnia 72 includes the Vatican Museum,Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Basilica of St. John Lateran, St Paul Outside the Walls, Carcer Tulllianum & Open Bus 72h hop on hop off. If you only book one tour while in Rome, make sure it’s one of these: While you’re in the vicinity of the Colosseum and the Forum, you’re very close to one of Rome’s best-kept secrets, La Bocca Della Verita. Hello I have been reading. Have an amazing time in Rome and do let me know if you have any more questions, I will do my best to help! There are bus stops all over the city with the route numbers on them, and once you figure out how to take a bus ride, the rest is easy. Start the second day of your three days Rome itinerary by exploring the iconic symbol of the city — the majestic Colosseum.With almost 2,000 years of history, this monument provides an amazing glimpse into life during the ancient Roman Empire. You can get these from ATM’s, banks and currency exchanges, although credit cards are of course widely accepted. Sounds like you are well organised – booking entrance times is super important. You will then be taken to a page about the Roma Pass, with an option at the bottom to reserve a timeslot for €2. I am in the trenches of planning our trip to Italy for July. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! This fresh food market is held in the central Piazza of the same name every day. If you want to see the best of Rome in just three days, keep reading! He made up a route for us, but we had the option to pick and choose places we wanted to see. The guides were funny and informative and stopped for several photo opps! It’s super fun, busy, and a great place to meet fellow travelers! It was customized for us and we enjoyed every minute! See more on travel adapters and how to choose one for your trip in our guide to the best travel adapters. The cityscape from Pincio Terrace, Villa Borghese park | Adobe Stock, “All roads lead to Rome.” – Roman proverb.

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