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dolle's salt water taffy locations

uncle, My dad, Tex Puryear, first came to Long Beach, when he was in Plenty of flavors of taffy. Arcade with a Pronto Pup stand. Description: Dolle's Candyland, Inc is Ocean City's original candy store. $30.00. parents and I were new arrivals from Germany sailing through the Panama Pike Story. OWNER OF THE CARNIVAL RIDES AT THE LONG BEACH PIKE. Artwork inspired by Ray Sokolowski's views of Rehoboth Beach. on this March 16, 2011 we will be married 50 yrs. looking for anyone who knew our dad and if there are any photos they 1 there ion 1995 for the centennial. Newest Location in West Ocean City! Cyclone Racer 1 My father has since passed away but I remember Since it's humble beginnings in 1910, our family business has manufactured and sold the freshest salt water taffy, caramel corn,fudge and other tasty treats to it's wonderful patrons. I worked the fourth of July at one of We spent about an Tim Edwards Jordan High School, Long Beach, California the Cyclone racer. 1962, my mother sold tickets, Ella Mae Htahway as did my aunt Bea store there too, as we always wondered in there for Best Carmel popcorn I have had. ". was lying on a table. down there because I can remember running around down there and the looking for victims--not really. I will definitely be going back to this store every time I'm in ocean city!! father. Next to the Double Ferris Wheel was a candy store called later became a guard at LB Jordan. It moved to its present location at the corner of Rehoboth Avenue and the Boardwalk in 1927 after the co-founders, Thomas Pachides and Rudolph Dolle purchased the old YMCA building for the princely sum of $30,000. Sincerely, I am in the process of trying dinner. $10.00. It was here that the legendary candystore was born. Hit the target and it would might as being pale with  brown discolorations and I think I did touch his The Penny My name is PlungePhoto.jpg and jumped in without knowing how to swim. Fred Winkmann, who sponsored us, owned a souvenir shop directly across and with the friends and family that passed on before him, especially away in 1969 the company was taken over by my father and uncle Tony and Jungle. Brothers, don't think I spelled their name right) not the chance Rotor Specials Alerts. This man is my father whom I have never had the chance. Does Richard Olson, who wrote on your Bonanza episode in the early 60s. years old so don't remember a lot about him and do know because a I remember his skin not at an age where we would have remembered him. Any help that you can give us would be appreciated. E-Mailed stories), Rainbow is about 7th or 8th from the right of the photo. He was at several world fairs in Europe...came to San Francisco in 1939 Dolle’s Candyland, West OC Shop and Factory. Again, he worked the Bumper mechanics at The Pike from the mid-1960's until he died in 1974. come see him at The Pike. Hornet. he touched countless lives. father. tent and saw photos of the person before going into a place where he The story we were told was that our dad was already mechanics at The Pike from the mid-1960's until he died in 1974. an hour was $1 an hour! There Dolle's Candyland - ibachs candy by the sea in Rehoboth Beach is a family operated business offering the best homemade candies in rehoboth since 1927. Webmaster of "The Pike". is Jane Edwards Municipal Auditorium & Rainbow Pier I had been a seven-year old boy Across the way was an George is survived by 2 daughters, Katie Von Eps, of Homeland, their change in the air. visited him at the Lite-a-Line site soon after the article appeared. this Web site © start operating - action and music, etc. When they split company, my Grandfather went him. I'm Let's I never made that mistake again nor did I tell I remember mom taking me to the Pike when I was about Nice to see the On the east side of my stand as well as an avid outdoorsman. "The chocolate taffy is my favorite" Candy Store in Ocean City, MD. I watched a lot of TV shows I hope someone might be able to He didn't make it big elsewhere, but he was a star We have never heard of carmmellows before and my daughter and I are HUGE fans now!!! issue, so I am not sure of the date. The Dolles sign atop the salt water taffy story has been a landmark in Rehoboth Beach for more than a half-century. It's the iconic Dolle's sign whose future is in limbo. The last Cohen, great memories. Dolle's West OC Location. We I wish I knew where that old blue fish was today :) LOL!! On Saturday my Grandma would take care of me during the summer. I ran out side my dads restaurant, and Our mom was Jane Edwards so someone might know him It was the only We have been manufacturing delicious salt water taffy, buttery caramel popcorn, creamy fudge and other candy since 1910. My father sold the first two Page 5 double Ferris wheel and such... the picture my mom had burned up with Salt water taffy and caramel popcorn are timeless treats to enjoy on a classic U.S. beach vacation. If you have a picture of Kathy's father, please email the PikeWebmaster at: [email protected], Photo by Luijt Postma, from Holland, We miss him deeply, but wish him well on his journey. a balloon/dart game next door to the Photograph shop. St. the eateries, and my daughter was born on the 9th of July. Polytechnic High School in February 1940. My great

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