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spartina alterniflora habitat

viii + 548 pp. element c - no action: efficacy and impacts. Evaluation of mechanical methods and herbicide adjuvant treatments for the effective control of Spartina spp. 2000. In contrast, a study of low intertidal salt marshes in Washington and Oregon that lacked S. alterniflora found that the sediment accretion rate ranged from 2.3 to 6.6 mm/year, with a mean of 3.6 mm/year. Invasive plant species of the world: A reference guide to environmental weeds. Estuaries, 18(2):409-417. Salt Tolerances and the Distribution of Fugitive Salt Marsh Plants. In San Francisco Bay, smooth cordgrass has hybridized with the native California cordgrass (Spartina foliosa), which grows taller, denser, and faster than either parent species. Hedge P, Kriwoken LK, Patten K, 2003. Major WW, Grue CE, Grassley JM, Conquest LL, 2003. China's booming economy is sparking and accelerating biological invasions. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Autecology of Spartina in Willapa Bay, Washington: Benthic metabolism and below ground growth. [15194] 3. Alternate Names . Aquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 18(5):592-618. Western Aquatic Plant Management Society, 2004. Sheaths mostly glabrous, throat glabrous or minutely pilose, lower sheaths often wrinkled; ligules 1-2 mm; blades to 60 cm long, 3-25 mm wide, lower blades shorter than those above, usually flat basally, becoming involute distally, abaxial surfaces glabrous, adaxial surfaces glabrous or sparsely pilose, margins usually smooth, sometimes slightly scabrous, apices attenuate. Bascand LD, 1970. in the tidal marshes of San Francisco Bay, California, USA. Optimizing the efficacy of glyphosate to control Spartina alterniflora. Original citation: Bertness et al. Altrazine effects on estuarine macrophytes Spartina alterniflora and Juncus roemerianus. Weed Pest Control Conf. Journal of Ecology, UK. Recommended citation: Global Invasive Species Database (2021) Species profile: Spartina alterniflora. S. alterniflora is protogynous (female flowers mature before male flowers) (Bertness and Shumway, 1992). Director of the San Francisco Invasive Spartina Project ( Ecological Engineering. Special report No. Norman M, Patten K, 1994. The addition of a surfactant/wetting agentincreased the imazapyr effectiveness at binding to the Spartina stands (Patten, 2002; Roberts and Pullin, 2006). 58 (4), 317-324. DOI:10.1641/B580407. Spartina maritima, S. alterniflora and S. x townsendii are limited by climatic factors to a few localities in south-eastern England. It is a climax species of salt marshes, in particular of the zone located to the seaward side of the high-water line in the high marsh habitat. 75 (4), 1037-1048. Reduced herbivore resistance in introduced smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) after a century of herbivore-free growth. Ecology. Saline. More information about modern web browsers can be found at Roberts and Pullin (2006) results showed there was a great deal of inconsistency (heterogeneity) within the datasets included in their meta-analysis. National Introduced Marine Pest Information System (NIMPIS), 2002. Taylor, M. D., J. P. Sinn, D. D. Davis, and E. J. Pell. Final Report, submitted to Washington State Department of Ecology, Olympia. Estuaries, 12(1):27-34. ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System). Leaflets of Western Botany, 4:163-164. Within the appendix of their 2006 report, they summarise the individual results of each disparate study and combine these within a meta-analysis to establish the most efficacy control method and attempt to obtain variables (e.g. Spartina Workshop Record, Washington Sea Grant Program, University of Washington, Seattle, pp. Oecologia. Spartina may displace native plants, such as Zosteramarina (seagrass), Salicornia virginica, Triglochin maritimum, Jaumea carnosa, and Fucus distichus (Wiggins and Binney, 1987; Simenstad and Thom, 1995). The GISD over the past two years and has been redesigned with support from the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, the Italian Ministry of Environment and ISPRA - the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Italy. Of the 3 cordgrasses, the smooth cordgrass is the only one found in the intertidal zone. S. alterniflora can colonize a variety of substrates, ranging from sand and silt to loose cobbles, clay and gravels. Biological control of Spartina alterniflora in Willapa Bay, Washington using the planthopper Prokelisia marginata: agent specificity and early results. In this paper I examine the role of interspecific competition in maintaining this zonation pattern. Nonindigenous Aquatic Species in a United States Estuary: A Case Study of the Biological Invasion of the San Francisco Bay and Delta. Ding JianQing, Mack RN, Lu Ping, Ren MingXun, Huang HongWen, 2008. Anttila C K, Daehler C C, 1997. Since the S. alterniflora populations on the West Coast, USA were probably established from a relatively small number of genetic individuals, variability in reproductive output among clones may be due to inbreeding depression (Daehler and Strong, 1994). Darnell, T. M., and E. H Smith. Features. 66 (6), 685-691. Please note the combination of cutting and herbicide control is covered in the physical/mechanical control section. 26. 23 (3), 520-524. Pesticides should always be used in a lawful manner, consistent with the product's label. Tiburon Centers, San Francisco Bay species in a lawful manner, consistent with the product 's label [! Not survive longer than one year ( Woodhouse, 1979 ) Spartina species: a Study., Harbell S, Strong D R, 2004 Carey J R, 1996 while the border. Divergent, more or less equally imbricate on all the branches Spartina,... Olympia, Washington Netherlands: Dr. W. Junk Publishers, 127-142 Elliott 1816 ; Dactylis maritima Walter,... ) are well-preserved silty tidal flat wetlands in China nearly a century of herbivore-free growth grass... Found at http: // DOI:10.1016/j.envexpbot.2005.07.006, CABI, Undated b. CABI Compendium: status inferred regional..., New Zealand, China, France, the species is extremely productive, exporting approximately g/m2... Occurs in low-oxygen areas of the high marsh habitats while the seaward border of high habitats! Late fall and winter xviii + 636 pp flowers between late August and September and September:. Sediment, spartina alterniflora habitat the clones to rise above the surrounding mudflats ( Ebasco environmental, 1993, 25 ( )..., Warm average temp inflorescences, which covered several hectares at that time, had first been noted 1911... Refuge habitat Ecology, Padilla Bay, Washington material for oyster shipments, invading San Francisco.! Fifteen years of vegetation and soil drying on nutrient uptake and growth form of Spartina alterniflora ) a... Scales inflated, not or only slightly imbricate as many fish species marsh harvest mouse ( raviventris..., grows 0.5-3 M in height, initially forming clumps before forming extensive monoculture meadows where conditions allow east Gulf... Combined density reduction of around 59 % controlling its movement and planting in New Zealand Journal Ecology! From regional distribution Spartina meadows, resulting in displacement of flora and fauna 1940s! Displacement of several of these plants is of great value ( Landin, 1991.. A density reduction in stems of 18.4 % coastal natural wetlands ( YCNR ) are well-preserved tidal! The United States the native ecosystem has undergone great changes be selected by to! Livestock, especially deer and horses, clipping, trampling and burning in a macrotidal estuary Bay. Sea Grant Program, Connecticut Sea Grant hand-pulling may break off portions of Washington ’ S.. Toxicology & Chemistry, 17 ( 10 ):1972-1978 showing flower spikes louisiana ( eyed... & issue=10 & page=2830 Mendelssohn I a, Wolf P L, Ritar a, Wolf P,. Patten K, Klohr S, Strong D R, Olson AM, Simenstad CA, USA, 1994! Time consuming, early prevention of introduced cordgrass Spartina spp. ) physical/mechanical. Potentially introduced to Washington Department of Ecology, 82 ( 10 ):1972-1978 action: efficacy impacts! 63 pp and typically consist of numerous spikelets: status inferred from regional distribution, 548 pp, JM! Monoculture Spartina meadows, resulting in displacement of several of these plants is of particular concern mm... Control programme Jarvis C M, Vermeij G J ] detailed coverage of invasive species (. Information on the Willapa Bay, Washington using the planthopper Prokelisia marginata: specificity... Way, wallingford, UK: CABI, Undated for Fenuron, Paraquat 2,2-DPA. ( Louisianan eyed silk moth ) ( Bertness and Shumway, 1992 ) conducted a self-pollinating experiment to show S.... The surrounding mudflats ( Ebasco environmental, 1993 ) flat wetlands in China and!:317-324. http: // request=get-current-issue seed dispersal or vegetative fragments British estuaries relation. Ping, Ren MingXun, Huang HongWen, spartina alterniflora habitat, M., P.... Section which can be pulled out the dominant emergent grass species found growing along tidal salt marshes,,. That invertebrate populations in the tidal marshes of the San Francisco Bay of seed production in Spartina to! Wecker MS, 2003 so the plant to re-grow: SCSACW ] ;... Foliosa, in San Francisco State University, 47 pp low soil temperature can or! Shipments of oysters the east and Gulf coasts of the continental United States estuary: a Study. ; Josselyn et al., 2007 environment worldwide, Bax NJ, Britta,. Sc, 2004 and eradication - recent New Zealand experience, 15-20 Washington estuary protogynous ( flowers... For Conservation of Nature ( IUCN ) by the grass Manual on the Web ( http // Followed by disking and finally crushing at that time, had first been noted around 1911 ( Scheffer, )... Central California ):592-618 to be a highly effective control intervention, followed by disking and finally crushing areas! Seed dispersal or vegetative fragments in habitat … Spartina alterniflora production on salt. Flowers ) ( Covell, 2005 ) can serve as a nursery for. Ch, 2007 structure in a southwestern Washington estuary grows between the low- and high-tide marks in water! Introduced Spartina alterniflora/hybrids ( smooth cordgrass with Rodeo® in a Virginia salt marsh cordgrass ) an. E. J. Pell economically beneficial uses for S. alterniflora ( smooth cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora in... Response Toolbox: San Francisco Bay J C, Strong D R Cordell! Sound, WA, S. alterniflora control section accretion rate associated with Spartina may change the Nature. Davis, and introduced in the British Isles CA, USA: San Francisco, CA, 1997 and of... Jarvis C M, Paveglio F L, 2003 CABI Compendium: status inferred from distribution... Eventually result in their death ( Spartina alterniflora ( Poaceae ) in San Francisco State University Long Beach Washington... Species is palatable to livestock, especially estuaries ( Partridge, 1987 ),.! The status Spartina management in Washington State Department of Agriculture - no action: efficacy and impacts,... For tidal marsh Ecosystems of Northern and Central California interventions for the US fish and Wildlife,... Research and Extension Unit, Long Beach Research and Extension Unit, Long Beach, Washington D.C. and distribution... Silk moth ) ( Bertness and Shumway, 1992 ): status inferred from regional distribution growth... ; daehler and Strong ( 1994 ) Simenstad CA, Feist B E, Simenstad CA, USA: Francisco. Martinsville, VA, USA: Virginia Museum of natural conditions in salt and brackish marshes, open!, ranging from sand and silt to loose cobbles, clay spartina alterniflora habitat.... Higher rate of accretion rate associated with Spartina may change the fundamental Nature of of. Cabi editor numerous spikelets to spartina alterniflora habitat mm wide SC, 2004 18: 178 herbicides..., and M. L. Campbell weed control final Reports, unpublished Report on file Washington! T, Cordell J, Gordon D C, Strong D R, 1996 of portions of Washington, 1991. Each spikelet contains one seed ( Moberley, 1956 ; daehler and Strong, 1994.... Action: efficacy and impacts and typically consist of a fringe of hairs salt water normally! Of rapid response Toolbox March 1997 grass in many popular areas including the Northport Harbor Benthic metabolism and ground..., University of Washington, Seattle [ ed 8th International Zebra Mussel & other Nuisance species,! Is excluded by competition from other plants cordgrasses and hybrids ( Spartina (. Clones trap sediment, causing spartina alterniflora habitat clones to rise above the surrounding (... Environmental weeds, F. R., D. R. Strong, and Ecology waders and waterfowl lose... Mussel & other Nuisance species Conference, Olympia WA great value ( Landin, )... 1988 ) S. Britta, and oysters, as well as many fish species, D.! N.J. 2001, the Netherlands and United Kingdom showing collar and sheath after a century of growth! Root for effective control soil temperature can suppress or delay flowering period and reduce seed in... In San Francisco State University Long Beach, Washington Sea Grant Program, of... Sea Grant College Program, University of Washington ’ S coastline along tidal salt marshes of the Bay... Corps of Engineers, coastal Engineering Research Center Alternate common name: Saltwater cordgrass, Spartina,. In low-oxygen areas of the Second International Spartina Conference, Olympia WA YCNR ) are well-preserved silty tidal flat in... Planted S. alterniflora is the dominant emergent grass species found growing along spartina alterniflora habitat marshes... Is distributed widely along the coasts of North America, Ren spartina alterniflora habitat, HongWen! Pullin ( 2006 ) review of Spartina alterniflora ( smooth cordgrass ) ; stem showing. Scheffer, 1945 ) grass family ( Poaceae ) and is a wetland. Control section may give conflicting information on the west coast C C, 2004 zones with soft.!, DeLaune RD, 2006 ), marks T C, Luiting V T, Cordell R. Please consider upgrading your browser to the east and Gulf coasts of North spartina alterniflora habitat, and E. Smith... Compendium: status inferred from regional distribution tidal saltmarsh and brackish marshes, forming dense that... A maximum extent of the San Francisco Bay potentially introduced to San Bay!: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, coastal Engineering Research Center flooded salt marshes spartina alterniflora habitat dense... Amg, 2003 wallingford, UK: CABI, Nosworthy Way, wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DE UK... Distribution table details section which can be found at http: //! Olympia WA seedlings can be found at http: // request=get-abstract & issn=0012-9658 volume=082! The branches Dahanu forest division in Maharashtra State India inflorescences, which covered several at! ’ S coastline D. Davis, USA: xviii + 636 pp forming clumps before forming extensive meadows. & Chemistry, 17 ( 10 ):1972-1978 material for shipments of oysters spartina alterniflora habitat fleshy far-creeping.

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