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"Founded 38 years ago by fishermen and community members to confront polluters for control of the Hudson River, Riverkeeper has investigated and successfully prosecuted more than two hundred environmental lawbreakers and is credited with having led the battle to restore the Hudson River and to save New York City’s drinking water supply. Today, the Hudson River is the only major estuary on the Atlantic coast of the United States that still retains spawning stocks of all its native fish species. Riverkeeper has helped to establish globally recognized standards for waterway and watershed protection and serves as model and mentor for the growing Waterkeeper movement that includes nearly 120 Waterkeeper programs across the country. "1

In the Spring 2004 Riverkeeper newsletter an article appeared describing the lengthy relationship between CRSE and Riverkeeper. Fortunately for those who do not receive the newsletter we have been provided with a copy by Riverkeeper and below is the link to the story. Also below find a link to the Riverkeeper website where you can join and help Riverkeeper to continue to protect our invaluable resources. The article will open in a new window and requires Adobe Acrobat to view it.

CRSE Article in Spring 2004 Riverkeeper Newsletter

Brewster Village Article from Riverkeeper 2005 newsletter

Pave It or Save It

Click here for Riverkeeper web site.








1 Spring 2004 Riverkeeper Newsletter

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