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Terravest Phase II and III Developments in the Town of Southeast.



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Putnam County Courier, October 10, 2002


Why continuous development?

To the Editor:

I refer to the recent letters and articles in your paper. We are seeing a growing opposition to the steadily increasing development of every vacant open space in our county. Yet it appears impossible to do more than slow down the growth of houses, factories and stores.

I sometimes feel that I must be rather stupid as I cannot agree with, or understand, the reasons usually given for this continuous development. It is certainly not the wishes of the majority of the residents.

The facts as I see them are simple.

We are told that we need development in Putnam County to provide employment for our people and to help reduce the taxes.

For this reason we offer every inducement to companies to locate in our county.

We then need more people to work in the new factories, stores and other businesses.

We then have to provide more homes to house these families.

But almost every family has at least one child of school age and every new student in our schools increases the property taxes.

We also have to pay to rebuild roads and other facilities to serve the growing population.

Therefore we need more development in Putnam County to help reduce the taxes.

In the 20 years that I have lived in Southeast there has been almost continuous development and still the taxes have increased around 300 percent, largely because of the increasing population of school students. So development increases our taxes, adds to our pollution, increases the traffic and takes away our natural open spaces. The residents pay for all of this via the loss of their rural environment and their taxes both present and future.

The developers gain most and should reward the public for loosing much of their way of life. I propose that one third of the property involved in every development, or the equivalent should be handed over to the people as public open spaces.

Ralph Woodgate

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