Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

Terravest Phase II and III Developments in the Town of Southeast.



Government Agencies

October 14, 2002

David Buckner
65 Peaceable Hill Road
Brewster, NY 10509


Dear Mr. Rohrman and Members of the Planning Board:

I attended the Planning Board public hearing last week to see the developers' presentation of their proposal for TerraVest International Corporate Park.

I was alarmed and disappointed that commercial development of this type and of this magnitude is being considered in that location. And I was saddened, as one member of our community, at the prospect of changes so out of keeping with the reasons why I chose to live here and what I hoped this town might become.

Is it the general philosophy from which the members of the Planning Board proceed, that generally this is a good thing for us - for our town, that if the developers convince the Board and other concerned agencies that the environmental impact will not be too bad, nor the traffic, noise, light pollution, and the aesthetic degradation (big unsightly warehouses) not too negative, nor property values in the vicinity not too adversely affected?

It seems certain that some of each of these will occur.

If the Board should favor this development (and others of like character), does it assume this risk on the supposition that this is a good trade off in terms of tax revenues generated for the town? I have heard this questioned on the basis that the increase in required services neutralizes those benefits. Are there any actual statistics (both historical and projected) for our town that would clarify the relationship of development, services, and taxes?

Lastly, I noticed that at the public hearing a good many people stood up to voice their opposition to the proposed development while stone stood to endorse or commend it. I would like to know to what extent public opinion factors into the decision of the Planning Board, or is your decision simply a matter of seeing that the requirements of the various boards and agencies are met?

Thank you for your consideration.
David Buckner

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