Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

Terravest Phase II and III Developments in the Town of Southeast.



Government Agencies

Checklist of Questions/Comments

Since the size and scope of the facility, i.e., the number of trucks it requires to deliver and ship its products, the noise generated by the refrigerator trucks, the nature of materials processed and material handling equipment as well as the fact that tons of raw food waste materials will attract flies, rats, odors and mosquitoes appear to meet the definition of heavy manufacturing established by the Town of Southeast at the time of the sludge plant review, why is it allowed in Terravest in the first place. OP-1 and OP2 are warehouse/office/light-manufacturing zones. Is history repeating itself.has the Planning board and Town Board failed to independently evaluate the nature of this huge manufacturing operation?

The applicant's experts were unable to answer specific impact questions at the hearing. The DEIS seems to indicate that this project will generate 490 vehicle trips per hour during the day or almost 4000 vehicles per day, which would add up to 120,000 vehicle trips per year. What are the numbers of vehicles projected by type (large trucks, small trucks, autos) when the project is built out? What is per hour, per day projections and how many days per week and per year are they projected to operate? How many tons of food will be processed? How much waste generated? Nature of equipment used.noise levels, odor levels, etc.? The applicant suggested putting a new light at the Rt.312 intersection and International Blvd but there is already a light within 200 ft @ I-84W Interchange.

What are daily hours of it six or seven day operation?

What is total size and elevation profile of building after the 295,000 sq.ft. by 35 feet high is built out? Can it be seen from Zimmer Road? Will it break the horizon like Home Depot and be seen for miles around? Since this is larger than 3 football fields, is the facility an overburdening of the site under zoning coverage and usage regulations? Does the development of the site require extensive?

What food and other products does Ace Endico plan to process at its Brewster facility? Do they irradiate the food they process? If so, does the irradiated food go into the sewer treatment/subsurface septic disposal system? Will it include fish, meats and chemical supplies as indicated on their Website. What is nature of processing and material handling equipment.types of machinery, size, noise levels, etc.?

How will the applicant guarantee that the noise from trucks and manufacturing operation and the odors produced will not go past the property lines of the operation and what is penalty if it does if it damages its neighbors right to peaceful enjoyment.

How does the business propose to kill the flies, rats, mosquitoes and other vermin normally attracted to the food waste generated by the facility? What are penalties if their mitigation procedures don't work and there is an impact on the neighborhood and other businesses? Will the Town grant tax relief if property values and businesses suffer? Is the Town covered by liability insurance if they grant approval and the operation has an adverse impact because they didn't exercise due diligence in reviewing and approving this application without proper safeguards? What Health Department permits are needed for this type of facility? What is oversight? What are penalties if fail to meet standards?

Since the streams and underground watercourses eventually feed the NYC reservoirs, Tonetta Lake and the Ice Pond, has a study been made of the long term impact on these water resources from runoff and sewerage treatment from this operation? Has a SPEDES permit been applied for?

***What disinfectants will be used to clean the food processing plant? Are these toxic in any form? How will they be treated? Will they go into the sewage system and nearby streams?

There has been a high traffic accident record on Rt 312 reported in the DEIS. And the report appears to be based on old statistics. Are they're more recent numbers? Since RT 312 is apparently undersized to handle the projected impact of the truck and vehicle traffic generated by this facility, will it not be a direct threat to the safety, health and welfare of Southeast's residents and the thousands of school children transported by busses and cars over RT 312?

***Since thousands of children of Southeast and from neighboring towns must travel at least twice a day on Rt. 312 to the campus of Brewster's four there any special provision to provide for their safety and for emergency services in case of accidents?

***Since thousands of children depend on well water at the Brewster schools.what program of testing will provide assurance of safety from potential seepage of toxins into the aquifer from the Ace Endico site.

***Since senior citizen housing is planned across from the food processing plant what special protection will be afforded this vulnerable population given their extreme proximity to the wastewater treatment facility for the plant. How will they be protected from odors and noise from manufacturing site?

***If there is a failure in food handling and disposal of tons of food wastes, how can the community protect itself from e-coli and West Nile fever?

Does the density of the senior citizen project meet the zoning requirements and does it fit in with the surrounding homes on adjoining properties?

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