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Photo taken from Route 6 and Joe's Hill Rd
Courtesy of Cathy Croft

On Monday, February 27, 2006 Developer, Paul Camarda, unveiled his plans for ‘Stateline Retail Center’.  Located on Route 6 East about a mile from the Connecticut border this 183,000 square foot shopping center (about half the size of ‘The Highlands’/Home Depot) will be set on approximately 45 acres.

A 44-acre site, which will be subdivided into two parcels, is comprised of meadows and forest situated between Route 84 and Route 6 near the Connecticut border. The property lies approximately 750 feet from the East Branch Reservoir and has wetlands. There is no wetland encroachment but there is wetland buffer disturbance in three locations. This disturbance can and should be mitigated.

The proposed retail center will be approximately 183,000 square feet with parking for 742 vehicles. The anchor store will be 135,000 square feet. The second building is 25,000 sq. ft. and the third building has an 11,000 square foot footprint and will be two stories.

Given the scope of this application a three dimensional rendering of the project was requested and presented. The Planning Board had many excellent questions regarding the large retaining walls that were shown. Comments were made regarding the size of trees and plantings that were illustrated as considerably larger than the actual landscaping proposal.

Stateline is in the Final Environmental Impact (FEIS) stage.


Click the link below for the FEIS:

Stateline Retail Center Final Environmental Impact Statement

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