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pDEIS Project Description:

The Project Site is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of NYS Route 312 and Interstate 84 (opposite International Boulevard) in the Town of Southeast, Putnam County, NY. The ±52 acre Project Site is currently zoned Rural Commercial (RC). As part of the Proposed Action, the Applicant proposes that the Project Site be designated as a new zoning district, Focused Highway Commercial (HC-1A). A Site Plan has been prepared which includes approximately 314,700 + SF of mixed use retail / restaurant / office development, and associated parking and utilities. The proposal also includes a 7 story, 200 room hotel/conference center. The previous pDEIS had a 6 story hotel.

The June 2012 pDEIS was rejected by the Town Board. A new pDEIS was submitted to the town January 10, 2013. On February 7, 2013 the Town Board declared the new pDEIS incomplete.

FEIS Project Description:

The proposed project is a mixed use retail complex consisting of 143,000+/- sf of retail and
restaurant use and a 100 room hotel in a total of five (5) buildings. The project may include 3,750+/- sf of restaurant space, requiring 70 parking spaces. The 136,000+/- sf retail buildings will require 544 parking spaces and a 4 story 100 room hotel will require 100 parking spaces as per the Town requirements. Parking is proposed below the 100 +/- room hotel building footprint.

The sponsor proposes to re-zone the land from RC to HC-1, see Existing Zoning Map #3 and Proposed Zoning Map #4, to allow the construction of a mixed use retail and hotel complex. The proposed zone change also includes three other modifications, as part of the zone change, to the existing zoning regulations:

1. Modify Section 138-15.1A and B to allow a modification of the slope height
requirements of up to 3' for cut and fill slopes and 1' per retaining wall to allow for
greater flexibility to respond to site conditions and tenant needs;
2. Modify Section 138-12.I ridgelines to permit limited disturbance;
3. Permit hotels of 4 stories and 50' in height in an HC-1 Zone. Permit parking below
the hotel with no increase in FAR or height imposed by the parking.

Google map link: Click here.

CRSE Notes:

Crossroads 312 FEIS Documents

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Proposed Zoning Change and Received Letters since meeting
Letters Received
Letters Received

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Town Released Documents: Click here for the most recent documents on the town's website.

Comments from Town Wetland Inspector (11/12/2013)

Comments from Town Planner (11/12/2013)

Comments from Town Engineer (11/12/2013)

Comments from NY DEP (11/12/2013)

Keane & Beane Zoning Petition (9/16/2013)

Notice of Completion DEIS (9/11/2013)

Review Memo from Town Planner (02/04/2013)

Review Memo from Town Engineer (02/04/2013)

Review Memo from Town Wetland Inspector (02/03/2013)

Preliminary DEIS (pDEIS) (1/10/2013)

Correspondence August 2012

Final Review Memo from Town Engineer (8/3/2012)

Final Review Memo from Town Planner (8/3/2012)

Final Review Memo from Town Wetlands Inspector (8/3/2012)

Progress email from Town Planner (8/2/2012)

Progress email from Town Engineer (8/2/2012)

Progress email from Town Wetlands Inspector (7/31/2012)

Correspondence July 2012

Town Board Meeting on Crossroads 312 Video (7/19/2012)

Supervisor Letter to Keane and Beane (7/18/2012)

Evans Assoc To Town Board (7/18/2012)

Keane and Beane Letter to Town (7/17/2012)

LADA to Town Board (7/16/2012)

Draft Review from Town Engineer (7/12/2012)

Draft Review from Town Planner (7/12/2012)

Review Comments from Town Wetlands Inspector (7/12/2012)

Previous Preliminary DEIS (pDEIS) (6/13/2012) Eventually rejected.

SEQRA Process for Review (6/8/2012)

Crossroads 312 Town Review Process (6/8/2012)

Final Scoping Document (11/11/2009

Positive Declaration of Scoping (9/29/2009)

Intent to Declare Lead Agency (8/13/2009)

Notice of Intent (8/13/2009)

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