Projects on Fields Lane


1. Sutton Corporate Park- Approved

2. Alcon 9,600 sq. ft. warehouse- early stages of approval

3. Orchard Hill- 5 hole mini course and maintenance shed. Bulk of project in North Salem

4. Northwater Group 40,000 sq.ft. warehouse/office

5. Barnes Warehouse/Office
10,000 sq. ft.

6. Palazetti Warehouse/Office 8,000sq.ft.- almost approved





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Fields Lane is in an Office Park 1 zone. By ‘Special Permit’ this zone allows:
Hotel/Motel/Conference Facility
Light Manufacturing

As CRSE sees it there are several problems with current development along Fields Lane. One is the number of Special Permits granted by the Southeast Town Board. These permits often allow less desirable forms of development. For example, more warehouse space rather than the intended office use. This results in fewer quality jobs for Southeast residents and additionally a lower tax base. With the limited amount of useable land left there is little sense in granting Special Permits that actually erode our quality of life rather than enhance it.

The other problem on Fields Lane is its proximity to Holly Stream. Because of this many of the recently approved projects have encroached in the wetland buffers. One such approved project has since been fined by the DEP for pollutants entering Holly Stream.

CRSE believes that our strict wetlands regulations be strictly enforced. Otherwise they afford little protection for our watershed

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